Family-Teenage Terrace

Botley, Oxfordshire


Entertaining space for grown-ups, with room for 3 teenagers and a hot tub, has been created with this flexible terrace design. It was badly in need of a complete overhaul to become the beautiful space the owners wanted it to be. The planting is low maintenance, relatively deer proof and has a bright colour palette.

The spacious patio makes the most of the terrace meaning it can accommodate grown-up entertaining, family days or large teenage parties. Flexibility in the lighting plan results in the ability to create different moods in all areas of the terrace.

The main patio and the deck are separated by a beautiful and striking curved screen. The hot tub decking is Millboard which is designed to be less slippery when wet than real wood.

A new raised bed at the base of a key wall completely hides old water staining which had been made by natural springs that run through the site. A sympathetic colour was used to paint the block work above.

The new contemporary sculpture sits in a curving bed covered in differing sizes of cobbles. Ferns and Rodgersia are planted where the ground beneath is a bit drier.